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The interface has been simplified for demo purposes. The actual user-interface is different.
Before sending out photo proof requests

Before sending out photo proof requests

  • Pre-select your favorite photos for your clients
  • Add a watermark to your photos for large previews
  • Offer your clients a minimum and maximum selection
  • Choose whether to allow clients to purchase additional photos (exceeding your limit) at an extra charge
Compare pricing plans
To up-sell your digital works

To up-sell your digital works:

  • Customize your own package with different pricing schemes
  • Set your own sales tax rates
  • Receive a notification email if a client has finished making their selection or has made a payment
  • Quickly and efficiently find payment information on your photos
  • Made a mistake? Easily cancel a request at anytime!
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And even more

And even more

  • Efficient and easy selection interface with responsive design to fit on your client’s desktop, or on the go with mobile
  • Auto-save feature puts them at ease!
  • Browse comments from your clients, and leave notes and get a conversation going
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