One system is all you need

For your clients, team members, photos, and products, all in one place

Client proofing

Client proofing

Your works are protected

All photos are watermarked, and right-click functions are disabled so photos (regardless of dimension and quality) cannot be saved in a browser during online viewing.

Unlimited proofing

Your client might need to reproof, or even proof a third time. Let's make it simple by sending unlimited original or processed photos to satisfy your client's needs.

Give your client a selection limit

A fixed number or a range can be set to limit the selection. You can also let your client to exceed that limit.

Sell more photos

When the selection limit is exceeded, your client certainly pays for those extra photos. The rate? That's your call.

See what the client has chosen

Filter out unselected photos to see the selected ones only and make your next process easier.

Mobile ready

Need to be on the go? Photo proofing and payment process are tablet- and mobile-friendly, allowing you and your client to have everything handy.

Unlimited online galleries

Unlimited online galleries

Protect the client's privacy

Photographs are private. Both you and your client can set a password to ensure only trusted people view your galleries.

Customized gallery domain

Spread and promote the gallery with a meaningful and easy-to-remember URL.

Unlimited traffic

We don't calculate the traffic. Let's work together to attract as many visitors as possible to your galleries.

Mobile, tablet, and desktop

Your clients can open their galleries anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Cover photo

Make your gallery shine with a cover photo from your best shots.

Promote your brand

Your business logo and avatar are embedded in the galleries your clients spread over the internet.

Client management

Client management

Unlimited client accounts

Living and breathing photography, or just a hobbyist? We don’t limit the number of clients. Just create as many as you need.

Securely store your clients' information

You can manage and sort your clients by name, phone number, email, and more.

Archive individual client data

Your clients are valuable to you. Add notes or attach files to each client to keep track of everything.

Keep clients aware of your process

To maximize your client's satisfaction, keep them posted on what you have done, what you are doing, and what they should do.

Client access area

A private place where your clients can:

  • View all photos with the option to purchase extra
  • Download digital copies of all purchased/released photos
  • Set gallery privacy (premium account only)
  • Change or delete gallery cover photo
  • Track all purchases
Selling your products

Selling your products

Your own products and prices

Set your prices on digital downloads, online proofing, and all customized self-fulfillment products.

$0 Transaction fee

Absolutely no transaction fee for all Premium accounts. (A 13% transaction fee applies to free accounts.)

Set your own price

Your know the value of your products. Give them a price they deserve to generate enough revenue.

Your own shipping rates

Specify different shipping rates for various destinations. You may also provide options for local customer pickups.

Get paid to your own bank account

Votaphoto doesn't hold the money you earn from your clients. All your earnings go to your own bank account with our integrated payment gateway: Stripe.

Set up the print area

Eliminate hassle and make your clients happy by giving them the option to crop and resize images for printing while ordering self-fulfillment products.

Choose what to sell

Enable or disable sales for individual galleries.

Email notifications

Receive email notification when your client submits a payment. Your client also receives a confirmation.


Manage payments with ease using our at-a-glance tracking system. Receipts for payments are accessible to both you and your clients at any time.

Sell more on photo proofing

When the selection limit is exceeded, your client certainly pays for those extra photos.

Sell even more

Every single piece of your hard work deserves recognition. Keep all photos in the galleries and your client can view and purchase them anytime they want.

Set your tax rate

Stay away from tax troubles. Charge your clients sales tax at a general rate or a specific one for a particular client.

Your brand

Your brand

Logo & theme color

Choose a theme color and upload your logo image (or if you don't have one, simply type your business name in text).

Custom domain

Promote your business with a unique domain, which is naturally more respected than a subdomain

Send emails with your own email account

For better interaction between your system and your clients, you may set your own email account as the sender, replacing the default sender account (



Password protection

Protect all your work and set a password for your galleries (Premium account only).

Custom watermark

Add a graphical or text watermark to your photos. You can adjust its position and transparency.

Right-click disabled

All client-viewable pages are right-click disabled, preventing your photos from being saved from browsers.